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Giunti Rotanti
Rotary Unions
Juntas rotativas

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Rotoflux was created in 1996 and since then, we have beeen producing and delivering rotary unions all over the world. The continuous development, reliability and great relationship with costumers and suppliers have always been at the core of Rotoflux’s philosophy. Our team’s work has been characterized since the beginning by the sharing of objectives, passion and deep knowledge of our product. Costumer care is a real priority for Rotoflux and the production of high quality rotary unions is essential to achieve this aim. With our promt reply in less than 24 hours and the best technical skills, we will be able to meet all your requests with both customized and ready-to-sell products. We look both at producers and users, providing you with the best technical solutions and a fast service.

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ROTOFLUX quality is ‘consistent quality over time’, guaranteed by testing every single joint before shipment. The materials used in the construction of the joints are of the highest quality (stainless steel, special steels, brass, carbide, etc.). The careful dimensional control that we subject all parts to ensures that all joints conform to our specifications.

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